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During March 22, as a warm and lead in to the completion of  Tommy’s book, we carefully selected forty-eight of Tommy’s images from the archive that feature in the book, to go on proud window display at the exclusive Hari Hotel, London, in a partnership with Art Vinyl.

As Tatler magazine reported..

Like Ascot, fish and chips, and constantly commenting on the weather, The Beatles have come to be seen as emblems of Britishness. So what better place to host a new exhibition of photos of the famous band than one of London’s most glamorous destinations, The Hari hotel? This month, this elegant Belgravia stalwart is displaying 48 rare images of The Beatles in a display by Art Vinyl, taken by the late Tommy Hanley – fitting timing given that the renowned photographer’s memoir, With a Little Help From My Lens, is set to debut in April. A man who worked closely with the band across three decades, their confidence and trust in him are easily discernible from the candid authenticity displayed in his images. It goes without saying that The Hari’s new exhibition is a must-see for Beatles fans, and anyone seeking an insight into the skill of the photographer’s art.