Our Charities

Tommy Hanley travelled the world for his photographic work. He witnessed poverty and wrong doing that made him the sort of person that would be happy to give his last fiver to someone that needed it more than him. We know that our chosen charities would meet with his approval.

About Our Charities

With so many deserving charities, exactly where do you start? This was our challenge, so please let us explain.

Royal Star & Garter Tommy’s dad, Charlie found himself needing care following injury during the great war at a Royal Star & Garter home, so its a family commitment to say thank you.

Papyrus Today’s world is fast moving, perhaps too fast for some, who may end up committing suicide. We simply cant ignore this, and we are keen to pledge our support to make a difference.

War Child is a charity very close to the hearts of the Dutch band The Analogues Their founder, Fred. told us all about their commitment to this charity. We pledged our support by way of £25 for each book sold with their promo code.

Oxfam During his career, Tommy saw first hand, many impoverished third world countries, he was a supporter of Oxfam, so we will be doing likewise.

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