Daredevil Books

Daredevil books creates high quality new editions of often hard to find iconic books that explore the feats of the brave and daring on land, ice, sea and in the air. Toby Hartwell is the Daredevil that stuck his hat in the ring to help the book 'With a Little Help From My Lens' come to life.

About Daredevil Books

We say a massive thank you to Toby Hartwell who’s expertise and creative input was second to none in bringing ‘With A Little Help From My Lens’ special limited edition book to life, through his wealth of great talent, creative input and guidance, which was second to none.

Besides being a leading light with Tommy Hanleys book, Toby Hartwell is founder of the Daredevil book business, and the library of books that are on offer are  something to behold, and a must for anyone that wants to journey back into where pioneers of exploration, speed and adventure dared to step foot, many years ago.

With book titles on offer, such as ‘Revolt in The Desert by T.E. Lawrence, ‘Captain Blood‘ by Rafael Sabatini, and ‘My Thirty Years of Speed’ by Sir Malcolm Campbell, these are all ‘can’t put down, page turners’ that tell fascinating stories from yesteryear, and a must for any adventure enthusiast.

If you are living life close to the edge, then you’re most definitely in good company with Daredevil Books.

Hanley was another Londoner who had The Beatles confidence as a first rate feel for releasing the shutter, often the only photographer in the room.

Mark LewisohnBeatles historian and author of Tune in.