The Analogues

A strictly do not miss their live performance whereever you can find them. The Analogues are by far THE most amazing sounding band that you will ever likely hear that are as close to The Beatles as can be. We thank the band for promoting Tommy's book, in return we be donating £25 to their chosen charity, War Child for each book sold. See below for the special discount offer.

About The Analogues

We have nothing but pure respect for The Analogues, a band that perform live Beatles music, some of which The Beatles themselves never played live, anywhere. They are mega talented artists in their own right, swapping and playing different instruments as second nature. This is definitely not a ‘looky likey’ Beatles tribute, they are pure perfectionists, performing live with THE instruments that The Beatles would have been playing back in the day.

Our Toby Hartwell of Daredevil Books. got in touch with Fred Gehring to tell them all about Tommy’s book. We met at The Palladium, London in 2022 just for 10 minutes before the show, and presented a copy of With a Little Help From My Lens. The feedback was incredibly positive, so we asked nicely if we could get involved and support their chosen charity War Child.

Here is our special offer for all fans of The Analogues.

You can buy the book at a fantastic discount of £75 from the retail price (remember, there are only 1000 copies).

All you need to do to is place your order in the shop and at the check out – at the very top in the red bar enter the special coupon code ANALOGUES. 

For every book sold with this coupon code we will donate £25 to the charity War Child. 

‘We are massive fans of their artistry and sheer talent, so any time the opportunity arises to go see them perform live, take it. You will not be disappointed‘ Tony Hanley

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