The innovative and exlusive Matches Fashion retail store in Notting Hill is now exhibiting (and selling) a fantastic selection of framed prints by Tommy Hanley. For more information on Matches go to -

Following a very succesful exhibition with Proud Galleries of London, Tommy was approached by Matches with the idea of exhibiting a selection of his work on display around the exclusive Mens and Womens fashionwear -and to be the crowning glory in a fabulous new window display for the store.

Tommy said - "this is a unique and wonderful way to see my work and one that I would have never expected to have seen - I would like to say a big thank you to Hannah at Brower Lewis PR and to all the great people at Matches for making this happen - Im blown away !"

Matches Fashion are located at 60-64 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, W11 2AJ, Tel: 020 72210255.


Tommy Hanley At London's Porud Galleries

I got a call from Proud Galleries some time in August. It came a little bit out of the blue, 'We found your website and you have some fantastic images - which we would like to include in a forthcoming gallery exhibition remembering John Lennon". 'Of course I would,' said I.

Kate Boenigk of Proud came to see me and spent a lot of time reviewing my work and selecting the right images to exhiibit. I have quite a few of John and Yoko which are left overs from the time when I was a photographer working on "Today" magazine and some of them have not been seen. I stood aside a little from the choosing process because I was interested to see if Kate would chose any that I had overlooked.

It would be wrong for you to gain the impression that I had not used the pictures. They were syndicated widely after their first use, some have been regularly used in the press particularly the musical press, they were widely used at the time of John's tragic killing in New York in 1980. They got a good airing when a magazine chose to do an article on me (it was mainly about John but reflected through me) on the 25 th anniversary of his death.

But this was to be Kate's morning. And very soon she started picking them. The first one that surprised me was one of Mike Hennessey and myself sitting with all four of The Beatles in Paris, it sold too. The next was a shot over the door, 'THIS IS NOT HERE' a pure piece of Yoko'ism that. Then a shot of John leading the way from Yoko up a set of spiral stairs, a portrait of John looking (I always thought) a bit sad. That sold too. Finally there was the pair of them canoodling up to each other, a picture of John playing and singing, another portrait of an unshaven and fur coated John, and finally the one of John messing about to a laughing Yoko - that's now on the wall or in the scrapbook of some ones home.

In all Kate chose about 8 over and above my usual selection and I'm grateful for her choice. In all there were 32 pics chosen to hang, far more than any other photographer had. Came the night of the opening, always an exciting occasion and it certainly lived up to it. I spent most of the evening either signing away the many posters which people had bought, or posing for pictures. It was also a pleasure to meet Alex Proud the owner of the gallery.

And here we are at the end of a very succesful outing. I genuinely didnt realise the attention the exhibition would recieve. Friends and family came from far afield to see what had been gathering dust in my cupboard for a long time.

The success of the London exhibition has inspired me to create this website - and exhibit my work to the possibilities of a global audience.

I hope you enjoy what you see today - and come back soon, as my plans are to unveil more rare and "1 off" vintage images that are unique, and capture a moment in time that will never re-occur, which I am very priveledged to say that over my 50 plus career years as a photographer, journalist, travelling the world, many times over, I was a part of.