Welcome to Tom Hanley Photography

May I extend a very warm welcome to my website, which I have put together to exhibit a collection of images that I have taken over many years.

I hope you enjoy my biography which tells my story and how I became to enjoy the connections that my career gave me with the music world, in particular, The Beatles and especially, John Lennon.

Some of my images are being released for the very first time, which you will see in my vintage print section. These are unique, one off prints, which were made at the time. To prevent the unscrupulous from lifting these images, I chose to stick my name across the scanned version of each one.

I wanted a medium to share my lifes work and allow members of the public to have a look round and if they like it - buy it, as everything you see here is for sale.

For pricing, please email me and I will get back to you with details.

The development of the site will continue and more of my work will be added with time, so please, take a good look round, enjoy, and come back again soon

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